Monday, August 24, 2009

",, and when she strips, the chauffeur flips, the butler's eyes get crossed,,"

Already my mobile stripper show has hit some bumps in the road, speed bumps it seems.
This morning I felt a burning sensation near my left ass cheek and reached around and found a spork stabbed into it! With a post-it note on it saying, ”Give up the pole dancing idea Junior.”
I don’t know who did that. Did someone break into our house last night? How did they get past K-9 security? Mrs. Barn says she has no idea and she said so with a cold, steely-eyed, serious face!
So if this little project is going to cause this much negative vibes, even before we make our first lap down the road, maybe I should re-think this.
I will have to come up with something tho. Cause I don’t want a job!
I would rather sleep in a bunk bed underneath Oprah!


Belizean Beach Bums said...

I love the picture... it is so.... you!!

Anonymous said...

Stick with your dream. Think Bill Gates had it easy??


RPM said...

I had to clean Dr.Pepper off my moniter after seeing that pic!

sandy a said...

I had to clean plum off mine!

JR said...

Is that a hair dryer or a hammer you have in that picture. Be careful as Ms. Barn might have passed you the wrong utensil you know. Also a question: Is that really your hair??

Anonymous said...

A spork in the ass...not exactly my idea of a pleasant wake up call!