Saturday, April 5, 2014

What a way to go,,

Ooohhhh, I hope everyone is gearing up for the annual ZOMBIE JESUS DAY celebrations. I know here they are.
As I may have mentioned before, the religious element of the gubment take it upon themselves to dictate what can happen over their 4 day celebration.
And to me it is just comical!
For years the weekend has been a drunken mess with folks coming from all over to party. Kinda like spring break only a bit smaller. (we never leave the house)
But each and every year they confuse and piss everyone off with a stupid rule concerning Good Friday.
They are now in limbo on whether or not restaurants can be open at all, until 6PM on Friday, when they can serve food and booze.
A few years ago there was such an uproar they said they could be open but not serve booze.
Now this year it is back up for debate.
The entire rest of the sacred religious holiday is a drunken free for all. But for some reason early Friday is off limits,,, to selling booze. You can drink it all you want, get shitfaced drunk, but you cannot buy it.
At one point they even forced the grocery stores to close because they had booze on their shelves!!
I tell ya, religion makes people do some serious stupid shit!!
It does not affect me any because you know I will have my stash all set up, and we won’t leave the property anyway, so phuck em.

Been busy as all hell round here. We are going to take some time off so Mrs. Barn packed em in to make some moola.
Don’t know yet what we will do but it’s a break.

Family member are still not doing so well at home. Mom seems to be doing a bit better but one of her brothers is not. They are trying to get them together to visit before it’s too late. Bummer.
I have said in the past when my time comes, I want to be in charge. I have also said I want to be run over by a beer truck.
So I will make arraignments with the local beer delivery truck, if they ever see me step out in front of their truck,, DON’T SLOW DOWN!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm back and PHUCK is it hot!!!

Back from the land of everything. And I do mean everything!
I found a condo that would accept me, mug shot and all, so I moved in. Basicly just across the street from my mom's old house, s I was near all the spots I like to eat at, like Ming's!
The rental car people were not going to rent me a car because I had no cellphone? So I pulled a cell number outa my ass and they were happy with it.
When I got to see mom, it is not a fun sight to watch. It is terribly hard to watch your parents get old.
She may be moving soon into a Long Term Care facility (nursing home) and you can bet your ass she will be pissed and combative the entire way. I told her she has to prove to the rehab folks that she can get out of bed, into the shower, dress herself, ect before they would consider anything else. And sorry to say, she cannot.
She wants things to be like they were 20 years ago and cannot accept the fact that they will never be. I fully understand her side but she refuses to see our side.
There is an incredible amount of stuff that needs to be done pertaining to all this, and it is incredibly hard to do from Belize!
I feel like I am running under water at most times.
Let's just hope I don't have to fly back any time soon.

Bought Mrs. Barn a little gift, she was wanting some of these to help her during her afternoon nappy-poos.
I added the warning message,,,

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The basement files,,,,

So, here I am, planning an upcoming trip to Denver. But it seems I lost my usual base camp when I sold my moms house. Now I find myself looking for a room somewhere.
I started looking around VRBO and as it turns out, Denver was booked!
Someone turned me on to another site I have never heard of, AIRBNB, so I started scrummin around there.
Found a nice basement apt. in a neighborhood that was convenient for me and the price was OK, so I sent in a request for 6 days.
Apparently, at some point the site asked me to 'sign in' to their account and it offered up the option of logging in with FaceBook, which I took. To be honest I don't remember seeing this option but if I did I am sure I clicked it.
Anyway, the response I got back was not favorable to say the least.
Turns out, FB offered up my current profile photo I had selected and included it with my rental request. (I chang the photo pretty often)

This guy flips out and tells me he does not want someone like me living in his basement!!!
After we got done laughing, I wrote the guy back and mentioned how it may not be such a wise business practice to judge possible paying renters based on their FB profile photo.
He never wrote back.
So I canceled my request and found a different place where I can go on about carving up the bodies and no one cares.
Then I changed my profile photo so if this ever happens again

I should be safe.

Friday, March 7, 2014

And so it goes,,,

So, as I wait for news from Denver, not much to do here but carry on. We got guests comming outa all orifices right now. Some say it's good, I am not sure quick to agree.
My one night out with the boys has turned into my one night at Mango's. Not that that's a bad thing mind you, just that things are a changin. And i swear, I don't know 1/2 the people in the Breach anymore. So many new folks I can't keep up, at one night out a week anyway.

Looks like my Cheif Master at Arms has gone deaf. Either that or he is old enough he feels he can ignore me if he so chooses. But it is real easy to sneak up on him nowadays.
Ab-so-fuckin-lutly nothing new to report on our new neighbors. You now know as much as I do about what will happen over there.
Someone needs to start a rumor,,,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On my way back!

The Blog has been a bit stagnant as of late. I think it is because my mind is a bit pre-occupied with things going on in Denver.
But,, the Blog machine is about to fire right back up!!!