Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Food blog?

Who’s hungry? Who ain’t, right.
I have had a renewed pleasure in my cooking lately, with the total replacement of my pots and pans.
I made the switch to cast iron and am loving it!
I had a couple skillets in the past but did not use them much. I think we just left them in the camper to use on outings, but dammed if I can remember.
Anyway, my old stuff was about 25 years old, Mrs Barn bought it for me a long time ago and it was showing some real age.
I found an old CI skillet we brought down here with us, made in the 1920's,  and it got me thinking I should switch everything to CI.
So I did.
Last trip to Denver I picked up my new gear, 27 lbs of it!
Since then I have been on a cooking extravaganza!
To say the least, I really enjoy using these skillets.

These two guys better not slow down or they could end up in the skillets too.

Here is a bacon maple doughnut, sent to me from the MBH. I made my own version of these I called the Elvis awhile back and these were just as good if not better.

You can make killer deep dish pizza in this CI skillet. It rolled outa there like it was on ball bearings.

Or some really nice Mac& Cheese. Yes that is broccoli and beef hotdogs you see hiding in there.

Tonight it is a chicken pot pie!
I’m getting wood just thinking about it!

And for dessert,,,,,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

When in Denver,,,,

Got back from a Denver visit. As you may remember mom is living in an assisted living facility which to me is somewhat unusual.
She is in a private residence that has been turned into a home for the elderly.
It is a very nice, big house with a nice deck as well. The staff, owners and management are all Japanese, possibly all related as well.
Wheelchair access, fire alarm hooked up to fire dept, sprinklers, nurses on staff, home cooked meals, ect.
I feel better after seeing it first hand.
We packed her up and took her out on the town a few times, and as hard as it is to get her in and out of the car, she really enjoys it.
Mrs. Barn has not gotten to go shopping for a few years and she went NUTS! I kinda enjoyed going with her for the first few days but found myself increasingly looking for the bored husband lounge. One with a bar of course. She bought 4 pair of shoes at one place! She had fun.
We stayed at a real nice hotel with 2 big screens, 3 sinks, a fridge, microwave, coffee pot, laundry and a king fucking size bed!
That bed was sooo nice, at one point she started snoring but she was so far away it didn’t bother me. And I could not reach her to give her a shake either.
Only drawback was their no smoking in the room rule.
When in Colorado you should visit a pot store. I went just out of couriosity while Mrs. Barn was on a mission.
I later found myself partaking as well. It was fun!
That's a 'pre-rolled' you can buy for 16 bucks. At a couple hits a time, it lasts awhile.
They apply a 22% tax on the recreational pot! Claim it is going to the schools but some folks doubt it.

So, we did the usual pre-shopping and sent a shit-load of stuff to a friends house. Among these items was my new cast iron cook set.
I like to cook, because I like to eat, because I like to shit, so I will love this stuff. Our last skillets were 20+ years on and this will be the last set I ever buy I have one skillet that was made in 1920 and it is one of the best I own!
Only problem with this was checking it onto the plane, 27 lbs worth of cast iron!
But it worked out just fine.
One serious problem I ran into, I ran my passport thru the laundry while in Denver.
Yep, forgot it was in the pocket of my shorts and away it went.
It came out somewhat OK, but I was very nervous about getting home as it looked like it may raise some eyebrows at immigration checks.
But I made it with only a couple stink-eye’s from the officials.
But, once here, the humidity is raising hell with it. The corners are all curled up and there is not much chance I want to try to use it again. So off to the embassy I go.
Then,, today I had to renew my drivers license. They don’t have any at the moment so they give you a receipt to use till the 2nd Tuesday in August when they are suppose to come in. Trouble is, if for some reason I have to go to Denver for an emergency, I could not rent a car with this receipt, not even a Hyundai Scrotum!
So let’s hope nothing hits the fan till then.

So I feel like things may be somewhat back to normal, as much as it can be. Hopefully more posts soon!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Whew,, maybe things are getting back to NORMAL?

OK,, I’m back.
Been a rough few weeks/months around ‘Chez barnacle. Mostly the stress of dealing with my mom’s affairs while being 3,222 miles away. (I found a post card I wrote back in ’98 saying that was how far we drove to get here)
A bit of an update is suppose is due.
Back in November she was all settled into her independent living apartment and things were going OK. Then she began falling and doing some other things she should not be doing.
And soon she finds her way back into the hospital. And upon discharge she is sent back to re-hab, which is a real bleak and creepy place. This was last March.
I fly back to help out with what I can, while they decide if she can go back to her apartment or not. They decided she cannot go back there so I had to empty the place and put all her stuff into a storage facility. But she has nowhere to go yet so she ends up in another bleak creepy place till we can get her set up somewhere nice.
Now the fun begins!
I have an uncle who insisted on being in charge of finding her a new home so I said sure, knock yourself out. He found a ‘home for the bewildered’, some Alzheimer’s place.
Looked like she was going there but something went wrong, not sure what, but the uncle got fired from that job.
The new girl in charge heard mom wanted a more home like atmosphere and she found her a home.
I have not seen it yet but I am told mom now lives with a Japanese family! In their home!! And she loves it!!!
A 95 year old grandma and a small granddaughter are there as well. All her meals and everything is included in her rent, and so far she seems happy
She has made quite a few weird statements along the way. She was seeing all her dead brothers for a while, even talking to them. She was, and still is pissed that my dad got remarried a few months back, pissed that I got married and did not invite her, thinks my sister is living in the same facility, thinks she needs 3,000 dollars in her pocket.
Just to name a few.
Anyway, things seem to be calming down now and maybe things will get back to the normal level we all like!
Normal as in cooking up some of this! Not sure what it is yet, but I had to have it!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

What a way to go,,

Ooohhhh, I hope everyone is gearing up for the annual ZOMBIE JESUS DAY celebrations. I know here they are.
As I may have mentioned before, the religious element of the gubment take it upon themselves to dictate what can happen over their 4 day celebration.
And to me it is just comical!
For years the weekend has been a drunken mess with folks coming from all over to party. Kinda like spring break only a bit smaller. (we never leave the house)
But each and every year they confuse and piss everyone off with a stupid rule concerning Good Friday.
They are now in limbo on whether or not restaurants can be open at all, until 6PM on Friday, when they can serve food and booze.
A few years ago there was such an uproar they said they could be open but not serve booze.
Now this year it is back up for debate.
The entire rest of the sacred religious holiday is a drunken free for all. But for some reason early Friday is off limits,,, to selling booze. You can drink it all you want, get shitfaced drunk, but you cannot buy it.
At one point they even forced the grocery stores to close because they had booze on their shelves!!
I tell ya, religion makes people do some serious stupid shit!!
It does not affect me any because you know I will have my stash all set up, and we won’t leave the property anyway, so phuck em.

Been busy as all hell round here. We are going to take some time off so Mrs. Barn packed em in to make some moola.
Don’t know yet what we will do but it’s a break.

Family member are still not doing so well at home. Mom seems to be doing a bit better but one of her brothers is not. They are trying to get them together to visit before it’s too late. Bummer.
I have said in the past when my time comes, I want to be in charge. I have also said I want to be run over by a beer truck.
So I will make arraignments with the local beer delivery truck, if they ever see me step out in front of their truck,, DON’T SLOW DOWN!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm back and PHUCK is it hot!!!

Back from the land of everything. And I do mean everything!
I found a condo that would accept me, mug shot and all, so I moved in. Basicly just across the street from my mom's old house, s I was near all the spots I like to eat at, like Ming's!
The rental car people were not going to rent me a car because I had no cellphone? So I pulled a cell number outa my ass and they were happy with it.
When I got to see mom, it is not a fun sight to watch. It is terribly hard to watch your parents get old.
She may be moving soon into a Long Term Care facility (nursing home) and you can bet your ass she will be pissed and combative the entire way. I told her she has to prove to the rehab folks that she can get out of bed, into the shower, dress herself, ect before they would consider anything else. And sorry to say, she cannot.
She wants things to be like they were 20 years ago and cannot accept the fact that they will never be. I fully understand her side but she refuses to see our side.
There is an incredible amount of stuff that needs to be done pertaining to all this, and it is incredibly hard to do from Belize!
I feel like I am running under water at most times.
Let's just hope I don't have to fly back any time soon.

Bought Mrs. Barn a little gift, she was wanting some of these to help her during her afternoon nappy-poos.
I added the warning message,,,