Wednesday, February 4, 2015

With enough butter you can get insurance!

Well, there have been so happenings as of late.
Che'z barnacle had to replace the cooker in the kitchen.
The oven door froze and I had to take the thing apart to try to loosen the hinges up. In doing so, I had the side panels off and discovered what they used for insulation. One sheet of tin foil! That's it,, nothing else. VIVA LA MEXICO!
So, I decided to sell it and get a new cooker, one made in China fer fucks sakes.
So here is what you get for your hard earned 200us dollars.
Works well enough,, but I am very excited to hear that we are going to have a nice kitchen in the new house! (coming soon)

And look waht was gifted to me the other day. More cast iron stuff.
This is a mold for corn bread, or whatever. Kinda hard to see the dimensions but you get the idea.
And from the logo on the back, we know this piece was made in the 1920's which is very cool!
Some corn bread ears will soon follow.

And what do you smear on corn bread? Why butter of course. Think there is enough in this can to last me quite some time!

So,, we/I have been trying to get us some of that Obamacare everyone is talking about and it has been very hard to do from this country. Guess what, I had to do some lying. Even had to hide my IP address before they would even talk to me!
First thing I notice with the 'Affordable care Act' is that it is not affordable. I had to submit a form to try to get a financial break as we do not make much money. I submitted the form and we waited over 45 days for a response, I assume this was while the check our income tax forms to see if we are really not making enough of an income.
Then a couple days ago, BINGO, we were both accepted for Medicaid!
I don't know how in the fuck this works as I have been trying for a year to get my mom qualified, and I get it in a few weeks?
I have not looked into it yet but I assume I am on type "B' and such would not be eligible for an assisted living place like she is in, but whatever,, we got move coverage than we had last month!
Strange times my friends,, strange times,,,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Road trip!

Dogs, I tell ya. They can be a handful but worth it for sure.
Tweener has been battling something that makes he itch all the time and has had a small bald spot on the top of her ass ever since she arrived her at ‘Chez Barnacle.
We have ran her by all the vets who come to visit and each has treated it different than the others with little to no success.
So we thought we would try another vet for a different prognoses. Off to Hopkins we go.
Hopkins has a very nice vet facility, way better than Placencia. All of it donated as I hear it.
This is also where Scurvy took his last doggie breath.
We turned in at the Sittee river entrance as we did last trip, but we did not take into account it has been raining,,, lots!
The road was flooded.
We made it thru but not until we tested the limits of my tolerance of where we can take the new car!
There was about 2-3 miles of flooded road, up to the doors!
Tweener was diagnosed with a flea allergy. Allergic to flea bites I guess.
So we will treat her for this and see how it works.
Either way, she loves riding in the car. What dog don’t,, right.
But just look at that smile.

(Mrs.Barn’s photos)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

What else can they heap on me, liver disease?

Well that was certainly a rough ending to the last year.

But it looks like with a little help from some friends, the beginning of this year will be nice and smooth.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Yep, I'm in hell.

I flew to Denver to help deal with my sister. Has not been a pleasant trip and I still have a full day to go.
The flights in even had issues. Had to circle around Houston due to storms and landed a few minutes late. Then they could not find the guy who drives the gate-way thingy so we could not get off, all standing in the isle for about 15 minutes.
On the plus side, for the second time I was litterly the only sumbitch in the immigration AND customs lines!! So I made my connection to Denver.
Looking out the window as we came into D.I.A. I swore they made a mistake and we were in Siberia!
It is fucking cold and only getting colder. Last check it was hovering around 0 fuckin degrees!
I can't imagine getting up at 4A.M. to catch my flight out. It's gonna be bad.

We disconnected all life support systems from my sister Sunday morning and she died that afternoon.
It has been no fun dealing with death issues, again.
It just ain't right when the son has to be the one to tell mom her daughter has died.
And just as bad is when the info only stays in her head for 5 minutes, then it's on to jibberish and crap.

I gotta go turn up the heater,,,

Friday, December 26, 2014

I guess it's my turn in the shit barrel,,,

We are full with some great folks, who are having a great time.
Xmas was not the best but it came and went.
I received news that since last Monday my sister has been in the hospital ICU and on life support.
She seems to had a stroke during dialysis and the doc’s say there is no hope.
They are waiting for me to come to pull the plug, but my flight is not till Saturday so they may do it without me. Her ‘boyfriend’ has my permission to do what is needed. I am the only family member other than my mom.
I got the job of telling my mom what was going on. I think she understood for about 2 minutes, then it was back to gibberish.
Never thought I’d be the one to tell my mom her daughter is dying.
So I borrowed a carry-on suitcase and made ridiculously priced plane reservations, hotel room and car rental,,, PHUCK,, very expensive.

Denver here I come AGAIN!