Tuesday, August 25, 2009

",,,It'll do you good and it'll give me wood,,,"

The bus bike just keeps rollin! Gaining momentum with each peddle.
Then it hit me. What of Mrs Barn? She will be wanting some time off from pole dancing, right? I’m gonna need a stand-in. someone worthy to take over the pole when she needs a beer break, smoke break, wardrobe adjustments ect.
Then, as I am considering my options I get a phone call. Seems a neighbor of mine was out riding his new mountain bike when the ‘Mental Breach Water Aerobics Team” (women’s elite division) came by in that little Chinese, right-hand drive thing, on their way to the pool.
And it was GIRLS GONE WILD right here in the Breach!!!
“Unclasp that bra and set them puppies free!”
My neighbor promptly crashed into a tree and bent the wheel on his new bike.
I believe all this has to do with this video.

So I am guessing that there are women lining up for the chance to ‘ride the pole’ so to speak.
Looks like if Mrs. Barn needs some time off, I won’t have any problem filling her hole.
That didn’t come out right did it?
Anyway, the only trikes I have found are the ones where the stage would be in the front. This could cause some problems as you might imagine.
The process continues,,,,


Kenni said...

I have some doubts that this strategy will prevent further spork issues ...

Anonymous said...

You gotta sing and play guitar too!

Anonymous said...

I hope your still alive by the time I get back.


Julian in SC said...

I suggest you reform and turn (or return)to plain old heavy drinking. Then you'll only get sporked occasionally (with any luck).


sandy a said...

Oh lawdy, it just keeps getting better!

Dave + Dianna Rider said...

The head gasket gives a nice homey touch.

tacogirl said...

Can you hear us laughing in San Pedro? That pic is priceless.

Julian in SC said...

You wouldn't believe how many times I read and reread the last few blog entries trying to find the words "Head Gasket"... only to look closely at the last pic... Barn, you are good!~!

Sue W said...

I'm thinking your brain is fuzzy because of some spork-related infection.
Get a job! She Na Na Na, Sha Na Na Na Na.