Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rollin rollin rollin,, keep this stage a rollin,,

Woke up this morning and found an unusual amount of post-it notes stuck around the casa.
On the computer monitor, “Give it up.”
On the bathroom mirror, “Barn sucks.”
On the toilet lid, “How bout I slam your dick in the drawer?”
Fridge door, “Where did you hide the sporks you fuck?”
Coffee pot, “Oh you’ll get a job alright.”
On the cat, “I ran out of post-it’s, go look at the dog.”
On the dog, “I broke my sharpie, this is blood.”

I have not asked what in the hell this is all about as I have been too busy drawing up the plans for the mobile stripper pole, “Boobs on Wheels”. There are still a few rough edges to be ironed out.
I considered rigging up a harness to have Scurvy pull us down the road, but that may just be a backup for when I get tired and need a beer break. And where will I keep the beer cooler? This things need to be all lined out before the maiden voyage.

Heres some more Bistroians


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the sound system and BIG speakers!

Kenni said...

Well, if the wenches re-take the blog, we'll know why ...

Julian in SC said...

Let us know where to send your flowers!!