Friday, July 24, 2009

You still here? I figgured I lost you back at the vagina chronicals,,,

I had this big, long ramble written up about how I needed to do something about my hair. How it has been YEARS since it’s been cut.
I had the process all down. I listed all it would take, the beers, the nitrous oxide, the morphine suppositories, the scissors.
I had all the details covered.
But,, then I saw where there may be a job opening at the M.B. Hotel! Yea baby!
Looked like a front desk type job, dealing with the public. You all know how much I love the public!
And since I only saw one other person interested I thought, “What the hell”.
OK,, to be honest, I’m just using this as an excuse to get in touch with my feminine side, the women in me.
And I gotta tell ya, I believe the women inside me is a lesbian!


A person who answers the phone for a business; front office worker; receptionist.
"I worked in an animal hospital at the front desk. My boss called me his "phone ho."


sandy a said...

gawd, that's great way to start my weekend--a Barnacle in curlers!! HAHAHAHAHA ROFLOL!!!!
PS they should just give you the job due to the interest in your blog!

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Thanks Barn, you made us laugh...

Anonymous said...

OMG...way too funny! I LOVE the hair. I think you should wear it like that all the time...much cooler for sure!! roflol

Anonymous said...

Years ago the ladies of Placencia used to wear their hair up in those same style of curlers when they went out for the night (circled). Still doing that?

Kenni said...

I wanna see the results, after the curlers come out!

Anonymous said...

I dare you to come to the village like that.

bonbon said...

Now that's the picture you should of enter in the last contest. You would of won I am sure. Tell us when you get the job.

Michelle said...

It takes are real man to pull off that look....and by gosh you did it. Love it. Thanks for the laugh, just what we needed on a rainy Sunday.

Michelle and Frank