Sunday, July 26, 2009

Now theres sumpin you don't see every damn day,,,, UPDATED

“Have I got a photo opp for you.”
(it’s Ray)
“Yea, what’s her name?”
“No really, get over here, I got a big turtle laying eggs right now on my property!”

So we pack up some gear and zip right over there. We had a hatching here a few years ago and had turtle puppies scampering all over the place! We had left our lights on and it confused them. Once we turned out the lights, we could herd them to the water with a flashlight.
The ones that were really lost, stumbling around near the road, we put them in a bucket and gave them a free lift to the sea. But we never seen a mom digging her nest.
Pretty cool!
Come back in a little while. I’ll go find the photos of those puppies.

Found 'em.

Have gotten messages about the eggs safety. Ray, being the good expectant father that he is, is taking good measures so that the neighborhood raccoons, dogs (yea you Scurvy)and other eggs teefs don't get at the brood!


sandy a said...

thats so awesome dude!!! I hope they all survive

PADI Staff Instructor Elbert Greer said...

I've read its about 60 days before they hatch.
Probably the biggest threat for your new guests is a raccoon digging them up in the night and eating the eggs. lots of folks put a fence around the area and remove the fence in about 50 days but that really depends on the weather.
great Photos.

Wilma said...

hey - that is really something. Congrats to all expectant parties!. Thanks for posting.

Ruthie said...

Very cool.

Sue W said...

Fiona's Mum does a turtle nest beach patrol in Grand Cayman. Ask her about the precautions you need to take to protect the nest.

Kraig and Barbara said...

Amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Good job Barn! Thanks for the photos. real cool to see that!