Monday, July 28, 2008

It's a braver, newer world,,,,

An article in this week’s paper about some schmo who was showing off his pet tommy-goff to a tourist family. Well guess what, tommy bit him square on the nose! The photo shows him laid out with a stream of blood running down his face. (ya gotta love front page Belizean news!) He was listed as ‘critical’.
Awhile back I googled up this photo of fer-de-lance damage.
Good luck with that nose there buddy!

Here’s a photo Adriane shot of Doris’s little girl. What a future heartbreaker! Nice dog too.

Speaking of dogs, I see I have a lot of requests to escort Scurvy to san Pedro, one was all expenses paid even! We thank you all for that but I am sensing some bristling hair when I mention her name. Since she doesn’t write, doesn’t call, nothing, I think Scurvy is planning a major dump! And I don’t mean out in the bush kinda dump.

And i would say this restroom belongs in the WTF? catagory! (click to enlarge)

I'm in a place where I don't know where I am!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting my lovely girl photo next to that NASTY foot photo. How tastefull!!!!! Mrs. Barn.

sandy a. said...

Doris' girl looks just like her!

sandy a. said...

And oh yeah---that says "dick.head"? Well, in the Navy dont the call the restroom the head? So that makes perfect sense!

Jorge said...

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