Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've had the blues, the reds and the pinks. One thing for sure,,, Love Stinks!

Remember when you were younger? Remember when you had a crush on someone? You felt all weird and gooey. You would look forward to seeing or hearing from the object of your desires. And if you went too long between communications you would get nervous, jumpy, and itchy. Don’t say it’s just me! Come on, you remember.
Well, Scurvy has been very itchy lately. He needs a bath I admit, and last night I saw him rolling in something strange on the beach. Could have been a 2 week old dead octopus corpse, not sure. But I digress.
He has not heard boo from his new love intrest Cindy from san Pedro. Not a letter, a phone call, not so much as a scent waffing across the sea.
Factoid: doggie scent travels across water much in the same way sound carries only better.
Cindy could have taken a crap at the waterline, wagged her tail a few times, and that smell would have carried all the way here. But has she? NO!
So now Scurvy’s a little peeved. He is not to be lead around by a leash.
He would rather stick his snoot in a porcupine’s ass than chase some bitch!

He has asked me to draft up this letter,,,

Dear Cindy,
Welcome to DumpsVille, population you!


He’s decided there is plenty of tail to sniff right here.

Nobody can love you like you can love yourself!
edit: but you really need thumbs!

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