Wednesday, February 4, 2015

With enough butter you can get insurance!

Well, there have been so happenings as of late.
Che'z barnacle had to replace the cooker in the kitchen.
The oven door froze and I had to take the thing apart to try to loosen the hinges up. In doing so, I had the side panels off and discovered what they used for insulation. One sheet of tin foil! That's it,, nothing else. VIVA LA MEXICO!
So, I decided to sell it and get a new cooker, one made in China fer fucks sakes.
So here is what you get for your hard earned 200us dollars.
Works well enough,, but I am very excited to hear that we are going to have a nice kitchen in the new house! (coming soon)

And look waht was gifted to me the other day. More cast iron stuff.
This is a mold for corn bread, or whatever. Kinda hard to see the dimensions but you get the idea.
And from the logo on the back, we know this piece was made in the 1920's which is very cool!
Some corn bread ears will soon follow.

And what do you smear on corn bread? Why butter of course. Think there is enough in this can to last me quite some time!

So,, we/I have been trying to get us some of that Obamacare everyone is talking about and it has been very hard to do from this country. Guess what, I had to do some lying. Even had to hide my IP address before they would even talk to me!
First thing I notice with the 'Affordable care Act' is that it is not affordable. I had to submit a form to try to get a financial break as we do not make much money. I submitted the form and we waited over 45 days for a response, I assume this was while the check our income tax forms to see if we are really not making enough of an income.
Then a couple days ago, BINGO, we were both accepted for Medicaid!
I don't know how in the fuck this works as I have been trying for a year to get my mom qualified, and I get it in a few weeks?
I have not looked into it yet but I assume I am on type "B' and such would not be eligible for an assisted living place like she is in, but whatever,, we got move coverage than we had last month!
Strange times my friends,, strange times,,,


Anonymous said...

Only thing affordable aboutt ObamafraudCare is the free news coverage.

Kasie said...

I love your blog... Keep it up :)