Sunday, January 11, 2015

Road trip!

Dogs, I tell ya. They can be a handful but worth it for sure.
Tweener has been battling something that makes he itch all the time and has had a small bald spot on the top of her ass ever since she arrived her at ‘Chez Barnacle.
We have ran her by all the vets who come to visit and each has treated it different than the others with little to no success.
So we thought we would try another vet for a different prognoses. Off to Hopkins we go.
Hopkins has a very nice vet facility, way better than Placencia. All of it donated as I hear it.
This is also where Scurvy took his last doggie breath.
We turned in at the Sittee river entrance as we did last trip, but we did not take into account it has been raining,,, lots!
The road was flooded.
We made it thru but not until we tested the limits of my tolerance of where we can take the new car!
There was about 2-3 miles of flooded road, up to the doors!
Tweener was diagnosed with a flea allergy. Allergic to flea bites I guess.
So we will treat her for this and see how it works.
Either way, she loves riding in the car. What dog don’t,, right.
But just look at that smile.

(Mrs.Barn’s photos)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget food allergies. Fish and potato.. Works like a charm.

Corozal Dave said...

Beautiful smile on a wonderful looking dog. Still missing mine, almost ready to get a new one.