Thursday, April 2, 2015

The coolest bicycle I have ever owned!

Things are a changing.
Take a look at what showed up at my house a couple days ago.
We have been trying out various shipping firms to see if we can find one we like over the others.
This company, Easy Shipping Belize brought me this.
It was bought in Florida where the shipper actually went and picked it up!
And about 2 weeks later viola, here it is.
It is a Giant Sedona bike. Why it came in a Specialized box is a mystery.
But here it is.

Some assembly required.

But for me that is a bunch of fun. I get to go over every bolt, nut, and screw for tightness and lube or locktite the ones I think need it, and for me that is a good time, weird huh?

And here she is all set and ready to ride.

I took it for a few rides before it dawned on me that maybe the tire pressure was not quite right.
I checked and they were both 20lbs shy! Am not used to having 55psi in my bike tires.
This sumbitch is one smooth, comfy ride!
As you can see, I pimped it out with fenders, rack, lights, bell, and mirror.
Have a computer coming soon for MPH and distance. Seems you can get them for 20 bucks, so why not?
I want/need to get some exorcize and this seems like the most enjoyable way I can think of. Already have sweated up a few sets of clothes!

Still have one more shipper to weigh in, but they are bogged down with all this Easter (zombie Jesus) crap, so I won’t see my next cast iron skillet till next week.
Then we can decide which of these shippers works best for us.
Off to ride!!!


Anonymous said...

Great bike Barn! I used to think my bike was a Cadillac, but after riding yours mine is more like a Studebaker!!

sandy A said...

that bike is way cool! YOu are going to love it!

RPM said...

Checking for signs of life. Are you still with us?

Anonymous said...