Saturday, April 5, 2014

What a way to go,,

Ooohhhh, I hope everyone is gearing up for the annual ZOMBIE JESUS DAY celebrations. I know here they are.
As I may have mentioned before, the religious element of the gubment take it upon themselves to dictate what can happen over their 4 day celebration.
And to me it is just comical!
For years the weekend has been a drunken mess with folks coming from all over to party. Kinda like spring break only a bit smaller. (we never leave the house)
But each and every year they confuse and piss everyone off with a stupid rule concerning Good Friday.
They are now in limbo on whether or not restaurants can be open at all, until 6PM on Friday, when they can serve food and booze.
A few years ago there was such an uproar they said they could be open but not serve booze.
Now this year it is back up for debate.
The entire rest of the sacred religious holiday is a drunken free for all. But for some reason early Friday is off limits,,, to selling booze. You can drink it all you want, get shitfaced drunk, but you cannot buy it.
At one point they even forced the grocery stores to close because they had booze on their shelves!!
I tell ya, religion makes people do some serious stupid shit!!
It does not affect me any because you know I will have my stash all set up, and we won’t leave the property anyway, so phuck em.

Been busy as all hell round here. We are going to take some time off so Mrs. Barn packed em in to make some moola.
Don’t know yet what we will do but it’s a break.

Family member are still not doing so well at home. Mom seems to be doing a bit better but one of her brothers is not. They are trying to get them together to visit before it’s too late. Bummer.
I have said in the past when my time comes, I want to be in charge. I have also said I want to be run over by a beer truck.
So I will make arraignments with the local beer delivery truck, if they ever see me step out in front of their truck,, DON’T SLOW DOWN!!!


Anonymous said...

You should not have a problem with Carl behind the wheel. It would be quick.

Anonymous said...

Wonder, did the Zoombies get Bill or the Belikin delivery truck??

Anonymous said...

Did you go to shit and the hogs eat you?? write something soon.