Saturday, May 31, 2014

Whew,, maybe things are getting back to NORMAL?

OK,, I’m back.
Been a rough few weeks/months around ‘Chez barnacle. Mostly the stress of dealing with my mom’s affairs while being 3,222 miles away. (I found a post card I wrote back in ’98 saying that was how far we drove to get here)
A bit of an update is suppose is due.
Back in November she was all settled into her independent living apartment and things were going OK. Then she began falling and doing some other things she should not be doing.
And soon she finds her way back into the hospital. And upon discharge she is sent back to re-hab, which is a real bleak and creepy place. This was last March.
I fly back to help out with what I can, while they decide if she can go back to her apartment or not. They decided she cannot go back there so I had to empty the place and put all her stuff into a storage facility. But she has nowhere to go yet so she ends up in another bleak creepy place till we can get her set up somewhere nice.
Now the fun begins!
I have an uncle who insisted on being in charge of finding her a new home so I said sure, knock yourself out. He found a ‘home for the bewildered’, some Alzheimer’s place.
Looked like she was going there but something went wrong, not sure what, but the uncle got fired from that job.
The new girl in charge heard mom wanted a more home like atmosphere and she found her a home.
I have not seen it yet but I am told mom now lives with a Japanese family! In their home!! And she loves it!!!
A 95 year old grandma and a small granddaughter are there as well. All her meals and everything is included in her rent, and so far she seems happy
She has made quite a few weird statements along the way. She was seeing all her dead brothers for a while, even talking to them. She was, and still is pissed that my dad got remarried a few months back, pissed that I got married and did not invite her, thinks my sister is living in the same facility, thinks she needs 3,000 dollars in her pocket.
Just to name a few.
Anyway, things seem to be calming down now and maybe things will get back to the normal level we all like!
Normal as in cooking up some of this! Not sure what it is yet, but I had to have it!


RPM said...

It's alive! Sorry to hear about your Mom's troubles. But it sounds like everything is squared away for now and she's happy, that's the important part. Not sure I've ever heard of a setup quite like that before.

So what ever happened with the new neighbors? What did they wind up building next door?

sandy a said...

i just caught up with the blog. Glad you found a place for your mom--that sounds really great, actually! It's hard when parents age.