Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm back and PHUCK is it hot!!!

Back from the land of everything. And I do mean everything!
I found a condo that would accept me, mug shot and all, so I moved in. Basicly just across the street from my mom's old house, s I was near all the spots I like to eat at, like Ming's!
The rental car people were not going to rent me a car because I had no cellphone? So I pulled a cell number outa my ass and they were happy with it.
When I got to see mom, it is not a fun sight to watch. It is terribly hard to watch your parents get old.
She may be moving soon into a Long Term Care facility (nursing home) and you can bet your ass she will be pissed and combative the entire way. I told her she has to prove to the rehab folks that she can get out of bed, into the shower, dress herself, ect before they would consider anything else. And sorry to say, she cannot.
She wants things to be like they were 20 years ago and cannot accept the fact that they will never be. I fully understand her side but she refuses to see our side.
There is an incredible amount of stuff that needs to be done pertaining to all this, and it is incredibly hard to do from Belize!
I feel like I am running under water at most times.
Let's just hope I don't have to fly back any time soon.

Bought Mrs. Barn a little gift, she was wanting some of these to help her during her afternoon nappy-poos.
I added the warning message,,,


Gra*ma Banana said...

Sorry about your mom. You are a good son and a good husband. Love the "message" on the "night shades".

Anonymous said...

That's funny!....i like it!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!