Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The basement files,,,,

So, here I am, planning an upcoming trip to Denver. But it seems I lost my usual base camp when I sold my moms house. Now I find myself looking for a room somewhere.
I started looking around VRBO and as it turns out, Denver was booked!
Someone turned me on to another site I have never heard of, AIRBNB, so I started scrummin around there.
Found a nice basement apt. in a neighborhood that was convenient for me and the price was OK, so I sent in a request for 6 days.
Apparently, at some point the site asked me to 'sign in' to their account and it offered up the option of logging in with FaceBook, which I took. To be honest I don't remember seeing this option but if I did I am sure I clicked it.
Anyway, the response I got back was not favorable to say the least.
Turns out, FB offered up my current profile photo I had selected and included it with my rental request. (I chang the photo pretty often)

This guy flips out and tells me he does not want someone like me living in his basement!!!
After we got done laughing, I wrote the guy back and mentioned how it may not be such a wise business practice to judge possible paying renters based on their FB profile photo.
He never wrote back.
So I canceled my request and found a different place where I can go on about carving up the bodies and no one cares.
Then I changed my profile photo so if this ever happens again

I should be safe.


RPM said...

LOL, we don't cater to your kind round here!

Emily said...

I love this are so funny!

Jesse said...

Only Barnacle Bill could create such a situation. FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let us know what kinda place you score with the second photo.

Could give basement entry a whole new meaning

Evelyn said...

Haha you didn't really want to stay there anyways, fuddy-duddies!