Friday, March 7, 2014

And so it goes,,,

So, as I wait for news from Denver, not much to do here but carry on. We got guests comming outa all orifices right now. Some say it's good, I am not sure quick to agree.
My one night out with the boys has turned into my one night at Mango's. Not that that's a bad thing mind you, just that things are a changin. And i swear, I don't know 1/2 the people in the Breach anymore. So many new folks I can't keep up, at one night out a week anyway.

Looks like my Cheif Master at Arms has gone deaf. Either that or he is old enough he feels he can ignore me if he so chooses. But it is real easy to sneak up on him nowadays.
Ab-so-fuckin-lutly nothing new to report on our new neighbors. You now know as much as I do about what will happen over there.
Someone needs to start a rumor,,,


Carole said...

My kids in Austin rescued a 3-year-old deaf pitbull. The dog and the kids have been trained to communicate using sign language.

Tani said...

what is that bill the photo that is? animal or just plant? so cool and the pelican one too.