Monday, December 9, 2013

Another End fo the World reason to drink.

We have some pretty interesting folks in the area. And here is one.
I am completely jealous of his ear hair! I would sooo be proud of it too.
And I bet the chicks really dig it too.
 This weekend saw the second annual End Of The World marathon race.
Last year there was close to 90 runners, this year there were 200, from eight countries!
One guy who finished has ran in 218 different countries races. His # was 218 of course.
This year there was to be a competition among the aid stations as well, who could be the most creative.
We were at the Bistro at 0500 and stayed till about 7-ish or so before we carted south to check out the other stations.
Let me just say, there was NONE that came close to the bistro’s circus, none.
These folks know how to put on a event.
So it was a long day for us, drinking bloody mary’s at 0600 makes for a long day!
But I am already looking forward to next years event!

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