Saturday, December 28, 2013

Another year shot in the ass,,,,

Well, we are looking straight into the ass end of 2013.
So heres a bit of a review of that year from my little slice of Mental Breach.

The year started off not so well. We lost both Mrs. Barns parents, within months of each other. Things had to get better.

I lost my first ever tooth this year as well. Uh oh,,, getting old I guess!

I am pretty sure it was this year we figured out that it was Gout that had been fuckin with me. Man-o-man does that shit hurt!
I was eating Alipurinol like crazy with no results. I finally was able to walk enough to go see a DR.  and he switched me to Colchicine.
Problem solved!

But, as a side note to the Gout, ’13 was the year to see me switch from beer to whiskey. It was a good move with one setback. It is a much cleaner drunk, I don’t have near the hangovers I had with beer. But wholly shit is it expensive!!

Mrs. Barn is looking real good! She excersise a bunch and it shows.
We also took on an apprentice for Scurvy. Our chief Master at Arms has apparently lost his hearing so he now has some back-up.
 ’13 saw me do something I never do. I won a contest!
I won a 450$ carbon fiber tripod! Really cool one too!
 And my flash locker increased by one, a Sb 700 was added to the stable

Then we lost a great neighbor and drinking partner.
R.I.P. Scott Shaw.  He is missed.
 Still have my favorite bartender at my favorite bar tho!!
He's bulletproof!

We also re-decked this year, got us a nice one too!

We were also introduced to water buffalo this year.

I got my mom settled into a retirement village. She is getting more used to it with each phone call I make.

And then there was the second ever End of the World Marathon. Too much fun happens all before 1000!!

So with that, let's look to the next year, raise our drinks, and hope for nothing but fun and good health!

See ya next year!!!


Barb Graffice said...

Nice recap. Maybe we'll see ya in February if ya make it down to the Village

sandy a said...

great recap! here's to a great 2014!