Friday, November 29, 2013

General Quarters, BlueHeads off the port bow!!

You may have noticed I have been a bit lax in tending to this blog.
It’s for a couple reasons, three really.
One is there has not been anything really exciting to write about, exciting being relative of course.
Two, I have been to the states helping my mom.
Three,, I may be getting a bit bored with this whole she-bang.
Lets talk about my trip north anyway, even if you find it boring.
I went up to find my mom in a rehab after being discharged from the hospital for dehydration and stress, caused mostly by her diet and all the stress of looking for a place to move to.
A couple days after I got there, they discharged her to an ‘Independent Living’ facility at Cherry Creek Retirement Village, which conveniently was located right across the lot from the rehab.
I completely understand how it is a huge adjustment for her, but it was actually very rough on me and a couple others who were helping. An incredible amount of work and money was put forth to get this done. I am still dealing with paperwork and canceling service from her last house. All hard to do from here.
I tell ya what, those family’s who all get along great, have fun together, work well together, should all feel very fortunate, it does not happen with all family’s.
Me being in charge of selling the house and getting it emptied was a huge amount of stress on me! Luckily some cousins and aunts pitched in and were a HUGE help!
I had to rent a car, ended up with a Toyota highlander. Great, roomy ride, with a killer stereo!
Second day there, the temps dropped to 17 fucking degrees!
I had to buy long pants and some socks!
Stayed that way for about 5 days then warmed up enough for my flipflops.
Mom is settling in about as well as can be expected, but I tell ya, the place is like a 5 star hotel! Except the entire resident roster consists of blueheads.
She is making some new friends and we all hope she continues to get right with the program.
While there I cooked up a few of these huge piles of jalapeno’s.

All washed down with a new flavor of whiskey! Pretty good stuff I might add.

I’ll end this with a joke I actually heard at the retirement village!

Little johny opens the door to his parents bedroom and sees his dad just banging the shit outa his mom. Just going at it like rabbits.
Johny shuts the door and leaves.
Dad finishes up with mom and goes to find johny.
Dad opens to laundry room door and finds Johny getting it on with grandma! Just going at it like rabbits!
“Johny, what are you doing.” Yells dad.
“Yea, not so funny when it’s your mom, huh.”


Gra*ma Banana said...

You're a good son. What kind of retirement facilities do they have where you live?

Dave + Dianna Rider said...

We used to call 'em, Q-Tips...

RPM said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. But it sounds like you have things squared away.