Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shhhhh,, a sleeping cougar.

Oh the memories.
I can still remember these trips back to the ship after some good, clean fun out on the town.
In this case it was Hong Kong, no one else had liberty boats this nice.
Oh the smell of a 120 degree fire room filled with booze breath, sweat and vomit!
These guys probably had to go to work in  a couple hours.
Playing round using the zoom while shooting,, 
And a rare photo of a cougar in her natural habitat.


PapiT said...

Remember fondly those HK water taxis! One of my favorite liberty ports in SE Asia.

Anonymous said...

I was on shore patrol there once for a few weeks. I probably escorted some of those sailors back to tenders.

On my days off, I was escorted back.