Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sprout me Mamma,,

Every so often around here and I believe everywhere there is a beach, we get hammered with plastic trash. Not just the usual little crap but a trash bloom of epic proportions!
well we just had another one.
One day our man Ben picked up 21 bags of plastic trash off the beach just here in Mental Breach!
Then he does the roadsides. I am still disgusted at how much trash is tossed out car windows.
But every once in awhile something either interesting or just downright gross shows up. This would qualify as both.

Lately and I believe I am correct, we can now get brussel sprouts at the veggie marts.
 I don’t really know if they have been around before cause I have never really been a fan. But I have been converted!
Slice off the ends, steam till soft, fry in butter with some salt and pepper, sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and these thing are good!

The sun came out and Brian got some sun on his AirHed.

My wife said I was lazy.
I almost responded

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RPM said...

I loves me some brussel sprouts with hot sauce. They're also great with some "Slap Ya Momma" cajun seasoning.