Thursday, October 10, 2013

Everyone remain calm,

Here I sit, 97 degrees outside, 88 inside.
And it is not the heat that makes me write what I am about to, it is just some shit on my mind.
As I watch the goings on up in the states with the government, I just find it incredable. I watch the back and forth on a few blogs and forums and I have to laugh, as I shake my head.
Funny to watch one person will post an article or something saying one thing about what is going on, and immeditly someone will jump in telling how that source is wrong, and here is the correct source. (saying the exact opposite of course)
And back and forth they go, endlessly. Soon it degrades into name calling, and round and round it goes.
I try to stay out of any of this crap, but I can't help watch, like a car wreck.
I never really gave a dead rats ass about politics until Clinton got his blowjob. That got me interested! I stay out of the conversations/arguments, I would rather argue religion!
But now I see a whole shitload of people wanting to escape the U.S. because of the government. And they seem to think Belize has a perfect system or some shit. If they don't like the U.S. gov,, wait till they get a load of this one!
Every government is corrupt and has it flaws, but,,,with this country being so small, those flaws and corruptness really sticks out. You can see it up close and personal every day.
And with some of the reason they want to leave tells me I would rather they were not my neighbor.
What saves me from alot of them is when they find out they cannot bring their AK 47's, 357 magnums, 50 cal tripod mounted sniper rifles, and they get all depressed and then they tell me how wrong the country is for not allowing it?
Anyway, I believe things will calm down up there and return to somewhat normal. At least it better before i visit again. I don't want to show up in the middle of a civil war!!


Anonymous said...

When asked what kind of a government we have in Belize I always answer - Same as US - corrupt. The two parties take turns filling their pockets.

Emily said...

Amen, amen, amen, a thousand times amen! I love this post! When we were living in Belize, I can't tell you how many times we heard from folks that they wanted to move to Belize to escape the US government... I just had to shake my head.