Thursday, August 1, 2013

Please pass the cheese whist I whine,,,

I tell ya, I got more problems than 10 pregnant women!
Let me whine on for just a minute here.
As I was leaving for the states, I noticed I had a tooth ache. Didn’t think it was too bad and it could wait till I got back. It quit hurting and I just chewed on the opposite side and all was well.
While in the land-o-plenty, it seems I may have over induldged myself a wee bit. Maybe a few too many Coors beers? I did drink a bunch almost every night but hey,, I’m on vacation!
I tried to eat well, no junk food. Although,,,, first night in Houston, cab drops me at my hotel and the only place to eat nearby was a Jack-in-the-box. Whooa boy.
I got a bag of tacos cuz I used to really liked them 20 years ago.
Well, seems these tacos may have been sitting on the warmer for the last 17 years. Dog food but I like em!
Worst case scenario,, on the plane the next morning somewhere over Texas I shit my pants!
Thank you Elvis THAT didn’t happen! But that was my first trip down junk food alley.
I remember one nigh scarfing a bunch of mini brownies, not the fun kind tho.
The rest of the meals seemed OK, except the trip to Good Times burgers I guess. And the pizza.
And then there was the trip to the hotel in Houston on my way back. Again the only place to eat was a Gas+Gobble where I landed a seriously nasty burrito.
Where I am heading with all this is,,, that for the last 5 days I have been stricken with a serious flare-up of Gout! For 4 of those days I never left the house. 2 of them I never left the bed!

I still have the hardest time wrapping my head around this. If my foot was all swollen, red, painful because I fell down the stairs or did something equally exciting I could deal with it. But this shit,, you just wake up one morning and there it is! And 5 days later it is still here, just as bad as ever too.
Lying there in bed one day and I got to thinking,, if I went to the DR could he do something?
Then I thought, no,, I bet not. Then I thought, just how in thee hell would I get there? I could not walk any farther than the bathroom and it’s 4ft away! Then I had to make it back to the bed!!

Anyway,, today was the dentist app. Could not miss that. Mrs. Barn drove me there and I hobbled up the stairs. Chatting with her about it all but I could not get her to stick a shot of Novocain into my foot.
This is the first tooth I have had pulled, and I will miss it. The U.S. would label it #5, in Belize it is #14.
And here it is,, good ‘ol #14, with a split right dead down the center.
As I am leaving she tells me all the things I CANNOT do tonight. Eat, drink, drink booze!
My drinking buddies even called to see that I was OK as I had not showed up to the meeting.
And speaking of drinking,, looks like I will take the experts’ advice and switch from beer to whiskey.
Not the Dr’s,, hell no,, my drunken friends who have been thru this. They say this switch works great. So I am in the experimental stage. I don’t want to go thru this again anytime soon!!

I did manage to get out just long enough for Mrs. Barn to snap a winning photo of me headin for The Gecko!

And some dickin round with oily water.
And so that’s what is going on in my end of town,,,


RPM said...

Fresh lemon juice and black cherries will help. They alkalize your blood and get rid of uric acid.

Calcium Carbonate supplements help, too.

Anonymous said...

Go to Nina and get some indomethicin, she carries it, it will make the pain and swelling of gout go down ad pretty quickly.

Barnacle said...

thanks guys,,,
lemon juice is not easily found but i have been chomping black cherries and slurping BC juice like mad!

and although i have tried the indometnicina in the past, i was never sure they were helping. but i just got some delivered and will give them another go,,,

this sucks!!