Thursday, August 8, 2013

New camera for Mrs. Barn!

Ok,, time for a new gear post. I’ll keep it short for a few reasons. One, it may bore the shit outa you, and 2 I’m half hammered right now!
Anyway, Mrs. Barn upgraded her camera. 
She jumped from my old D100 to a new D5200.
If you remember a past post concerning Nikon’s numbering system, you will understand that it don’t really mean shit.
This little camera rocks! 
The sensor is twice as large as mine, improved focus system, swivel out LCD screen, and great video.
Then,, we slapped on a Sigma lens,, 17-70 f2.8/4 macro. Schweeeet!
To sum it all up, she was not hampered by my old camera, but this new one opens up new options she never had.
Look for good things!!

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