Monday, August 12, 2013

A Baconpalooza! UPDATED

Attended an unusual event this weekend. A little drunken house party but with a twist.
Everyone was to bring a food dish based on bacon, keep it covered and anonymous.
Then once we all began to chow down, you had to try and guess who made what dish.
And as you can imagine, it was next to impossible to know who made what, so most were guessing.
In the end, we got a nice buzz on and a belly full of bacon goodness in a variety of concoctions.
After tallying up the votes, guesses, we ended up with a prize.
A big bag-o bacon flavored Beggin Strips for the dogs!
What could be better?
So it seems this is an annual event with different themes and we hope to get an invite next year as well.

The bacon spread,,

After piggin out, Mrs. Barn takes some shots at the neighbors!
(note the bacon wrapped hunk of wonderment hanging from her mouth)
Photos provided by our host.

And more sad news, Charles 'Pooti' Cabral died last night.
He was a good friend,, for awhile. Don't know if he had many left when he departed.
R.I.P. Pooti.

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Harlo said...

Speaking of the shooting at the neighbors Barn, how about a progress report.
Last we heard, the mennonite cottage had been set up close to your abode...what next?
I feel for ya. We recently
moved due to a nightmare neighbor on Pine Island. He set our property on fire, and ended up burning 20 acres, a 50 year old mango farm and a palm farm.