Saturday, June 29, 2013

ponds, birds and loopholes!

We had some serious rain a week ago, or so. Flooded the yard about knee deep to a small dog!
And REALLY flooded the place next door. I can’t help but wonder if by yanking out every living thing made matters worse?
But it made some good hunting grounds for this little immature night heron. He/she was out every night searching out crabs.
And unfortunately, mosquito’s love the conditions too.

Remember a few weeks back when we got a new set of stairs? Well we decided we liked them so much we went all in and got a new deck to match!
The DoubleWide has been upgraded,, again!
Yea, seems we just did this a couple years back, and we did. But neither the wood we chose or the contractor who installed it were of top quality.
So here we go again.
This should be a better deal.

There are plenty of folks out there who take the bible litterly, as they see fit anyway.
No sex till married ect ect.
Well, someone found a loophole in Gawds word! So get jiggy wit it!

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