Monday, June 17, 2013

Maybe we could use some VOO-DOO as well?

Now I’m not saying it was their fault, no not at all.
But we packed up to the MBH for a breakfast burrito, and when we returned we found a new Mennonite house about 10 feet from our kitchen window!
Coincidence? Maybe.
And it leaves us with more questions than answers as far as what the end product will be next door.
We are assuming this little house, tucked in so nicely to ours, will be a caretaker’s pad.
They may have assumed we were the caretakers and they should be sectioned off with us?
I guess we will find out some day,, soon.

And it appears our friend/neighbor may have some demons stalking him again, or more VOO-DOO rearing it’s head?
His porch seems to be the place where Ant-Eater’s go to die?
Now why would they do that??

And then there's this,,,,


Carole said...

:( Poor little tamandua.

RPM said...

Wow, sounds like ya'll will have to keep the tantric sex chants down a bit now. Bummer. Time to start planting a privacy treeline?

On an upbeat note, that video was some serious funny.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the septic tank was below water level and the lake in the middle is quite nice.

Anonymous said...

Barn, maybe the cabin is for the new owners to live in whilst they build their real home.