Sunday, March 31, 2013

He has risen,, so I drink!

A minor setback to the new camera gear. It has been delayed for 3 more weeks. (insert sad, frowney face here)

Last week we went to the village to do our usual chores and stock up on provisions enough so we would not have to leave the house for the entire holiday weekend.
Easter weekend turns Placencia into Belize’s version of spring break.
Why, I don’t know. Nor do I know how long it has been going on. But I do know that the new road has made it an even more popular event.
I guess when it’s too loud, too hot, and too young, you must be too old.
Fine with me.
But I find it a bit hypocritical at the same time. Well, DUH, it’s a religion we are talking about, of course there is hypocrisy.
The GOB makes this HUGE deal about liquor laws over Easter and Xmas holidays,, because they are a very religious country. It is always complicated and it is one law the cops seem to actually go out of their way to enforce. No booze will be sold on good Friday, well,, until 6pm or some kinda shit.
Same on xmas. At least this year they did not make the grocery stores completely close, they just could not sell booze during certain hours.
Anyway, after the Government gets done sticking their religious nose into the mix, then it turns into one big drunken mess.
We stay home and hide.
I wish I would have thought of this story to explain away a 4 day bender.
“They nailed me to a cross, left me to die, tossed my corpse into a cave and rolled a big rock in front of the opening. I escaped 4 days later and,,, here I am!”

And to help with any further ‘godly’ instances, I went ahead and got myself ordained.

So there.


RPM said...

Welcome to the Pan-Dudeian Nation!

sandy a said...

you know, I never understood the laws there based on religion and the selling of liquor at certain times, when you can buy liquor every Sunday. That makes no sense to me! if ti was all about religion, they wouldnt sell it on Sunday, jjust like they dont' sell it in Arkansas on Sunday. (except for in restaurants--just cant buy off-premises consumption liquor)