Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting old ain't for pussies,,,

I don’t know what or how it happened, but one day I just woke up old?
I/we have never been ones to live with cell phones. Just no reason for us to stay that much in touch with the world. Sure I see their usefulness and we do own one but when I see everyone with them things attached to the side of their heads?
And the technology is incredible. A neighbor has a phone that it’s camera has more megapixels and features than my Nikon!
But my biggest gripe with cell phones has been the size of the buttons. Same with the stereo in the truck, try to push one and end up pushing 3. They are just too friggin small.
But check out this phone.
We came into a Samsung Jitterbug.
No camera, video, internet, calculator, laser beam, or none of that other fancy pants crap. Just a phone,, with BIG buttons, speaker, and readout!
We will be the envy of the senior crowd!

And guess what else comes with age.

Before you jump to conclusions,, this is not for me but for a friend who will be visiting soon and had to go on the wagon.

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