Saturday, March 23, 2013

I see the lite!

Have I ever mentioned how I enjoy flash photography?
No,, well I really do.
I used to be very intimidated by it, never understood it. But now that I am getting the hang of it, I  want to get good at it.
I have nothing against natural light, but I want to be able to control the light source as well.
Plus I think it is just more fun than plain ‘ol sunlight.
This is my trusty, rusty Nikon SB 26 speedlite. I bought it sometime around 1994, or so.
Again, I did not understand it or what it was capable of, nor could I afford to experiment due to the cost of film and processing. So when I would break it out it went on the camera and stayed in AUTO TTL mode.
But now with digital and my renewed interest in flash, I bet it has gotten more use now than in the film days. It has been rebuilt repaired once, and still works great. But,, not sure if you can see it but the LCD is missing some stuff. I can’t read some of the settings and I end up guessing.
So it’s replacement is on the way! Be here next week.
And I’m freekin excited about it!
I will keep the SB 26 and continue to use it as it is still a great flash, I just have to fiddle with it more.

If at first you don't succeed, try drinking beer while you do it. You'll be amazed at how much less you care.

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