Saturday, January 26, 2013

He brought a bat to a knife fight?

Mrs. Barn went to the states for her dad’s services, I bet she is freezing her butt cheeks right off!
She left me here with a full house so I have been staying home and being responsible. As much as I can.
But tonight as I was sitting here drinking beer, some asshole showed up.
Next thing I know we were arguing about all kinds of shit.
The more the beer flowed, the more intense things got.
Soon weapons began to appear.

First a knife, a serious knife!

And soon here come a baseball bat.
Then things began to get ugly.

I will cleaning up blood tomorrow before she gets back home or else there could be more bloodshed!
Just for the record, I’m, OK,, but you should see the other guy!

I know violence is not the answer, I got it wrong on purpose.


RPM said...

Be careful Barn, I don't like the looks of that other guy!

Carole said...

Drinkin' and knifin' :)

Anonymous said...

Did you send the body up to the pig farm?? Give the local pork a little Mr Wu's flavor?

J. lloyd said...

Kind of a fluke, I reckon, but that ugly bastard wuz wearin' the same damn shirt as you, huh?

Condolences to Mrs Barn.

Larry, Punta Gorda (FL) said...

You fight'n over who wuz the winner of the ugly contest?

Condolences to Mrs Barn.