Saturday, February 9, 2013

Things are looking up,, some.

More problems here at Chez Barnacle.
Something happened to Scurvy. He came home twice feeling real bad, like maby he ate something he should not have.
It reminded me of the time I gave him a turkey leg, bout killed him! I was not aware it was bad for him.
But he’s all back to normal now.
Next up was Tweenie.
We were treating one runny eyeball for a week or so but not getting any improvement.
Phoned the vet who suggested a different drops.
I haul my happy ass down to the village pharmacy and pick em up.
B y the time I got back home, her OTHER eyeball had all but exploded!
All red, swollen waaaay out, and soon she had bloody snot/pus strings hanging out her nose!
By now it’s getting late, can’t make it to a vet today, have to watch her all night.
The next day was just more of the same. I track down a vet in Belmopan who can see her and off we go.
Driving up there I felt so bad for her. She was hunched over in the back seat obviously not feeling well with those same snot gurgles hanging out her snoot.
So the vet gives her a happy shot so she will allow us to root around under her eyelid to see if there is a beer top or something stuck in there but we found nutin.
He decided it was a severe case of some shit I can’t pronounce or remember.

Sorry for the shit photo,,, musta been drinkin?
We got some anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory’s and some more drops.
Three days later she is all but back to her usual puppy self.

But there was some good news landed here as well.
I won a quarter in the superbowl pool! 200$
Oh hell-to-the-yeah!
Won it at Mango’s so all that will be re-invested back into Mango’s, starting tonight!
I promised Mrs. Barn a night out, one that does not include Silk Grass.

We have all been bitten by these little bitches. And I say bitches because as with lots of bugs, it is only the female that bites.
I let her chew on my heel for about 30 painful seconds as I snapped off a few shots before I smashed her flat like hammered shit! But there is more.


Dave + Dianna Rider said...

Damn Doctor Flies. Looks quite pretty up close like that... even better smashed flat. At least I don't react to them like I did when we first moved down here. One bite and I was up at the hospital with my fore-arm way swollen - thought it was going to burst.
You're a brave soul, letting her chew on you like that.

Emily said...

Tweenie's ailment looks like cherry eye. Have never had a dog with it but have heard of it and seen photos. Glad she's all better!

We were warned about doctor flies by the good folks at Mama Noots near Silk Grass, but managed not to get bit. However, I got eaten alive by botlass flies, and one of my legs swelled from the knee down. These bites itched like nothing I'd ever experienced before (even taking Benedryl), and my leg actually hurt. I limped for about a week. No more trips to Silk Grass area for me!

catdance62 said...

they bite like crazy, but that sure is a pretty close-up. Love those eyeballs! Wish my eyeballs looked like that!.....or maybe not.....
Sorry Tweenie was on the outs...looked like she had cherry eye, but with the snot and all, I dunno. Wish you could remember what the vet said in case my dogs get it too! Then I will know what to do!