Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it,,,,

I’m back, from a short break.
The tease of new gossip I left you with really is not worth printing. Just another douchebag pissing off the neighborhood.

As we all know, the end of the world is to happen sometime December 21st.
There are loads of questions about this including whether the time is local or what.
And what of the can of wieners I have that don’t expire till 2016?
But just in case, I will be getting rid of all the beer around here. Would hate to go out with a full box of beer!

So an ‘End of the World’ marathon was held this weekend.
Runners came from various places, even outside the country to compete.
The long course was 26 miles and the short was 13.
Both events started at the same time, 0515.
I wanted to get out there and try some different shots, something that would be different than what I expected to see of marathon photos.

Turns out, the idea I had been bouncing round my brain compartment had some flaws.
My plan was to select a spot where I could use an uncluttered view of the sunrise as a background and use a strobe to try and simulate the sunshine on the runner.

I found my spot but was a bit too late. As I got off the bike and was setting up the light-on-a-stick, the first group of runners were on me! Shit!
I set the light to point to a spot on the road where I assumed (wrongly) the runners would use.
Turns out I had no control over the runners.
But the ones that did use the path I had hoped they would resulted in som OK shots. Not what I had in mind exactly, but OK.
Next year I will be better prepared and educated.

Then as the sun rose I wandered up to the aid station at the MB hotel.
As always, these folks know how to hold an event!
The station even inspired the officials to most likely have a competition for ‘best aid station’ next year!
Bloody mary’s at 0700, what could go wrong?

I always take life with a grain of salt, plus a slice of lemon, and a shot of tequila. 

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Allan Baxter said...

The first image posted "runner 188" is dynamic and well composed. Make an nice addition to a magazine article about the race.