Thursday, November 22, 2012

I smell turkey!

Thanksgiving day. Turkey is in the oven and smelling good!
It’s a small one, a 9 pounder. But it should feed the two of us for a few days. Then it’s soup!
It was 14 years ago today that we chopped the first tree/bush/weed on our newly acquired property.
We arrived here a couple weeks earlier if I remember right, but by the time we got all settled in it was Thanksgiving.
We rented the house right to the north of MB Hotel for the 9 months it took us to finish our gig.
Those 9 months were both hard and rewarding.
Learning all the in’s and out’s of getting anything done here back then was a challenge to say the least.
The road was so bad, if it rained a trip to Dangriga could turn into an overnighter!
We had to go every month to get our passport stamped so we tried to fill the truck with stuff, toilets, sinks, wood, wire all the things we needed that were cheaper and more readily available there.
We could not find 3 bathtubs at any one store. We had to buy one from three different stores in three different towns!
Times have sure changed since then.
Hell, the veggie markets now have brussel sprouts! Sometimes, and you better be quick!

Well,, I hope everyone is having a good meal and enjoying their day off if you got one.
Be back shortly with some gossip!

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

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Sandy A. said...

You and Adriane should write a book about your adventures! You definitely have the skills. I know it would sell! I would buy it!! You could e-publish!