Friday, December 21, 2012

Bah Humbug,,,

Still here.
Worst apocalypse ever.
It looks to me that everyone has just been reading the Maya calendar wrong.
One possible explanation for us still being here could be that we have been holding the dam thing upside down?
If so, then the date would be sometime in 5105.
Another possibility could be that they were really predicting the end of Twinkies?
Makes perfect sense.
But at least the world has ended, as he knows it, for one local individual.
A 40 yr old British national from Placencia has been busted for buggering under age boys.
I know, I know,, it is hard to even say the words let alone believe it’s true.
But he has been to court and even pled guilty.
As far as I know, most everyone knew him and again as far as I know they seemed to like him.
I have a tough time understanding any of this but how could his close friends not know something was up?
Seems it has been going on since ’05!!
The area seems to be still in shock, but as people start talking about it we may learn more.
Guess you just never know.

But,, we got a new picnic table!
Our last one lasted 13 years and was made outa Cabbage Bark.
This new one is made from Santa Maria, another seriously hardwood.
Hope to get another 13 yrs from it!

When I’m a zombie, I’m dipping everyone in RANCH. What is Billy Mays doing here? Oh, right.

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