Monday, December 24, 2012

Ho Ho Freekin Ho to you too,,, UPDATED!

The holidaze brings out everyone.
All the part time snowbirds return, visitors pack all the rooms, the traffic gets bad, the village can be a zoo, to me anyway.
Me, I like it nice and calm, bordering on boring, not quite but close to it.
But that doesn’t happen during the season.
It’s house party after house party, after bar party after shindig. I attended more social functions last week that I did all year!
I can see it know, I’m gonna be that grumpy old bastard that yells, “GET OFF MY LAWN”.
Hunched over as I mumble to myself and head back to the beer cooler. (like I have a lawn?)
But who am I kidding, I like a good party as much as the next schmo. And I admit, I even play some holiday tunes for a few minutes.
Got a big ‘ol ham ready for the oven as well. That’ll keep the dogs within reach for a while.

Bad news for one of our friends and neighbor, a little bit of a traffic mishap occurred.
I have not spoken to him directly yet, but I assume he may be in a bit of hot water with the Po lice.
He is fine, I hear, but his passenger was hurt. Looks to me they are both lucky we are not attending a wake!
And he is lucky to not be locked up over the holidays. Sometimes they keep you in the slammer over long weekends waiting for a judge or some shit.
But I will play this song for him just as well.

And while we are on the subject of jail, here is a little tune especially for the local kiddie diddler who is for sure spending xmas in jail!

UPDATE: This just in from the west coast!

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Anonymous said...

Goes to show you the dangers of driving and lap dancing!