Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who do that VooDoo that you do?

You just know it was a hellofa weekend when Wednesday morning you find a goat head in your tree!

I mean, you stop believing in the power of prayer and then something like this happens. And I remain convinced that somewhere in the world, a retarded horse has just been born to keep the cosmic balance.


catdance62 said...

for real? What a Halloween decoration! It'll be real creepy ad decaying by then!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Barn, but it was a retarded American politician. I swear they get dumber every election. Obeah!

Anonymous said...

Goat Head Soup
What You Need:
1 goat head
1 pound pumpkin
1 pound carrots
1 chocho
6 green bananas
1 pound yellow yam
12 small dumplings
1 chopped onion
Herbs, salt, pepper and a small piece of crushed ginger root.
3 quarts Water

How To Cook:
1. Prepare and clean goat's head. Put to boil in a large soup pot with water. Skim.

2. When meat is tender, remove bones and put flesh back into liquid. Keep boiling.

3. Prepare and add the vegetables, seasoning and peppers.

4. Soup must be of thick consistency.