Saturday, October 13, 2012

I forgot about the race,, plus a bit of goathead soup update.

Remember a few weeks back I mentioned going to a Motocross race?
Well I did.
Same track in Belmopan.
This trip the track conditions were not good for the riders, and even worse for the photographers!
And with the heat comes dust. An unbelievable amount.
I asked if they had a water truck and they said they did, but could not afford to use it. It’s a very fledgling operation.
So we only hung around for I think 2 heats before it got to be just too hot and dusty.
It took awhile for me to clean my camera!
Anyway,, I forgot to post some photos and this is really all I got worth sharing.

UPDATE: The goat head prank was a success!
Poor Scott, all the while he was trying to remove it from the tree at 0300, lightning would strike and light up the head staring him in the face.
Lesson learned, never piss off a Black Magic Women!