Monday, October 8, 2012

You either agree with me, or you are wrong.

I can’t think of a whole lot of anything interesting to tell you, kinda slow right now.
I did watch the debate a few nights ago.
I only started following politics a couple years ago, I never gave a fuck about it before. Now I know why.
I imagine it has always been this way but I bet it has gotten worse lately.
Both sides have their own T.V. shows, their own blogs, their own radio stations, newpapers ect. and each side has their own followers.
If anyone from either side makes a comment, they are repeating what they heard on one of ‘their’ media outlets of choice.
Then the person from the other side has to correct them and then tell them the reason they are wrong is because they do not follow the correct media outlet.
And I don’t believe any of the media sites are telling the truth anyway.
They just want to make sure their guy looks better than the other.
So if you can’t believe any of what you read or hear on tv or the net, where do you get your info?
This brings up the debates.
And now it looks to me they are just lying too. Saying whatever it takes to get a vote.
OK,, that has no doubt always been the case.
But has it always been so downright nasty?
I read a lot of blogs and forums, most won’t even allow politics but some do. The ones that do have become increasingly nasty as the election gets closer.
It seems the republicans are more verbal and I assume it’s because they are justifiably worried their guy won’t make it.
Some of these folks are just spitting mad, and if you don’t see it their way then you are a fucking idiot and should be killed.
In our little FaceBook photo group, we had one member begin to make political comments in the group. Mrs. Barn asked him not to bring politics into our photo group, he got pissed, quit the group, and un-friended us both!
Anyway,, the election is getting close and we have already voted so we now just sit back and watch.

Speaking of photos,,
I shot some hummers a few days ago.

One of a fight breaking out, and one that gives you an idea how many hummingbird tongues it will take to make a meal.

Always fall to your left. Drinks, yours especially, are much less likely to suffer.


RPM said...

You think it's bad there? You should have to be bombarded with "Super PAC" political attack ads on every stinking channel 24/7.

At least we'll have a year of peace and quiet until the congressional mid-term elections start.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard so many people, with as much as the Gringos here have, crying in their wine as how abused they are.

catdance62 said...

I am not even watching television, until after the election, period. I watch old shows on Netflix, that is all.

rabbitmoon said...

You hit it dead on Bill! My son is close to 18 and reading a lot and questioning everything....pointed out all the other "choices" we have to vote for and how we only debate two. Pretty crazy as always. Nice birds.