Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do beer and CF cards mix?

It’s nice to live where we do. We have access to both sea and mountains. The world’s only Jaguar reserve is only a few minutes drive from here.
We took some time the other day and did a bit of a photo walk around one of the ‘girly’ trails. Nice easy, muddy walk.
We both got some good shots but have not ran them thru the post processer as of yet.
Here is one I did get ready.

Then last night was a treat for me.
I had a willing person to sit still for me! And it was at my favorite drinking establishment!

So Scott got the treatment.
He has character and makes a good model.

And just when things are humming along, there is always someone who has to pull a photo-bomb.

A Kodak moment that was missed was me heading to the site of the photo shoot with all my gear in the wheelbarrow!
'Spose McNalley transports his gear that way?

If MLK told me “I have a dream…” I’d have been “Was it that one where all your clothes have turned into ferrets and you’re late for work?”
And then he’d get all distracted and forget what his dream really was. It’s probably a good thing I was never part of his posse.


Allan Baxter said...

Always tough finding willing subjects - did it cost a beer or two?

Anonymous said...

Gary is looking good. i hope he doesn't spend all his cash on Belikin and butts. i will be down there to try to take some of it at Franks poker table in november. He loves to play Omaha!