Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gone but not so much forgotten,,,

I am not sure if Scurvy is happy or sad but he lost one of his doggie neighbors a few days ago.
I would imagine he is sad because they have a long history together, but at the same time I bet he is thrilled now that his arch enemy is gone!
Menyecho, (sp) took the big ride off to doggie heaven, wherever that is.
He had kicked Scurvy’s ass more than once, to the point Scurvy would not go anywhere near him or his ‘territory’. I suppose that is what dogs do, but a few times I had to get antibiotics to clear up Scurvy’s oozing dog bite sores.
Anyway, Menyecho will no doubt be waiting at the gate when Scurvy shows up at doggie heaven.

It slowed down around here again, for a bit anyway.
Everyone has left but a new group check in Friday.

And what did I do after drinking at the V.I.P. Lounge the other night?
Got tuned up and came home to play with some lights and water.
Little home-made studio crap like this can keep me entertained for quite awhile.

I see myself in a whole new light, which is too bad, as it's the kind police investigators use to check for semen stains.


RPM said...

Neat pics. I saw a set a few weeks ago where the photographer captured the reflection of a flag in the drops in a tight close-up. It was a very cool effect.

catdance62 said...

those pics are badass! A series of them would make a cool background sequence for a rock concert