Saturday, August 25, 2012

A little breaky-poo,,,

Whooopie! All guests have gone, leaving us to fuck off as we please for a whole week!
Oh sure, I may varnish a door, change a motion detector, maybe even wash the truck. But for the most part it will be down time. Looks like a trip to the jungle trails is on the schedule as well. And possibly some beer drinkin!

This was my entry into the “No Stress” contest.

I could not come up with shit, and there are some great photos already entered.
Oh well,, bring on the next contest!!

We had a sad death here in Mental Breach.
Dax, the man behind the Maya Breeze Inn died a few days ago.
Personaly, I did not know the man well, if at all. We probably only spoke a couple times and that was years ago.
Scurvy, on the other hand, was close. He would spend a lot of time over there, even up on Dax’s deck across the road.

They seemed to like each other.
R.I.P. Dax,,,,,

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