Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I got stoned and I missed it,,,,

Well alrighty then. Seems Belize is in one way making some progress while simultaneously going backwards. The GOB is actulay starting to begin to think about maybe starting to talk about making Marijuana a non-offense.

They are wanting to leave the small-time casual toker alone.
Something like up to 2-3 joints will be overlooked.
Me? I think it is a step in the right direction but, it does not make much sense.
The idea of not cluttering up the system with such minor issues is fine and well needed, but that's all it does. The casual toker still has to buy from what now will be the criminal.
I don't know how to suggest it be handled, maybe allowing folks to grow plants? But hey, it's a start. 

And their backwards stepping,,

This country allows, condones, even practices the poisoning of stray dogs. The GOB sends out a squad of goons with strychnine laced meatballs and spread them around for some poor wandering dog to chomp down.
Then that dog dies a very painful death, sometimes right where everyone can watch.
They have done this in a few towns around, luckily not here on the peninsula!
They say the stray population is out of hand and something has to be done. I just wish they could come up with a better idea.

 OK, nuff with the unpleasant shit.
It's Ladies day at the bowling alley! Mrs. Barn enjoys her bowling days. So much so she invested in her own shoes.

 I tried to convince her to get a ball as well but we kept bumping into that 50# weight limit the airlines slap on us sardine section flyers. I wonder what BZ customs would think when they see a bowling ball in her luggage? TSA would probably arrest her for some shit.

 Here are a couple details of my little buddies.

If you resolve to give up smoking and drinking, you don't actually live longer; it just seems longer.


RPM said...

Now those are some stylin' shoes. Flames even! That has to be worth at least an extra strike or two.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the weed isn't all that great.

Anonymous said...

I'm working hard on it. It is also against the law to poison as this is considered "Cruel and In Humane Treatment" . So my question is, Is there a lawyer out there that will pro-bono the case? Can the GOB be brought up on charges? Can the guy working for the Ministry of Health be charged with Animal Cruelty? Can the Minister him/her self be charged as they are the ultimate decision maker? The animal cruelty act is another good source.