Thursday, July 26, 2012

And a good time was had by all,,,

Meanwhile, back at Chez Barnacle, things are going along smoothly. Guests are all happy, dog is snoring, beer is cold. What more could a guy want?
 And speaking of guests being happy, we have had back-to-back honeymooners.
What does that mean you ask,, beats me. Just thought I'd mention it.
But looky at their new BBQ!
This little space pod hoovered over the deck before making it's landing. Tiny little guy but I suppose it will suffice for awhile.

 Here he is snuggled up to his big brother.

 And then,,, last night saw some fun. My kinda fun too!
A couple other photographer types came by to shoot hummers with me, oh, and they brought a shit-load-o-beer!
Anybody who has had a hobby, or a passion can appreciate when you can get together with folks of the same mind and 'talk shop'. In this case it was f-stops, shutter speeds, beer, sync speeds, saturation, beer, ISO choices, lens selection, rum, flash power, carbon fiber, women, light modifiers, Pelicans, and beer just to name a few topics.
Scurvy seems to be thinking "I wonder if I would get yelled at if I whizzed on some of this stuff?"

No real good shots came outa the evening, but I did manage to grab a few this afternoon. Even tried some suggestions that where tossed around last night and I like them!

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Oh, I’m in no condition to drive. Wait a minute. I don’t have to listen to myself. I’m drunk


JRinSC said...

Nice shots, Barn.. Well done!

Allan Baxter said...

You invited CANON shooters to your Nikon haven?