Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brain freeze and Fish-eyes,,,

Hey, more good news! Doris is back from her trip and the Gecko is now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I am looking forward to bringing home a nice, big, fat chicken burrito!

I recently met the guy who says he owns the lots right across the road from the V.I.P. Lounge and i asked him if he was going to clear them again cuz we need the breeze over there while we solve the worlds problems. He didn't say he would, but he didn't say he wouldn't either.
Heres to hoping he improves our little drinking atmosphere a little bit.

Now, if you were to open our freezer door, this is what you would see. Gelato from Tutti Fruiti. We were pleasantly surprised with these little cups of goodness by our current guest. 

PeanutButter and Banana. If you have not ever tried this stuff,, you are surely missing out.

 And I went hunting again. This time I changed up weapons. I usually arm myself with a 300mm lens I call my 'BirdZooka'. I can sit in a deck chair about 10 feet away, beer nearby, with the 'zooka on a monopod, and happily plunk away for hours.
But as we all know, the results are starting to get a bit repetitive, monotonous. So I changed it up.
I slapped on the littel 10.5mm fisheye lens, set the camera on a tripod so it was right where the feeder USED to be.
Then I clamped a flower to the tripod so it was 2 inches from the lens. Set up the lights as normal, then sat inside the house and tripped the shutter and fired the lights all using my new trigger system. 
I see where this will be a fun way to get some different shots, AND as I am already inside the house, I can just reach over and grab as many beers as required.

Not bad eh? Just the night before I managed to talk Mrs. Barn into standing still for me. I like this one.

There's nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.

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