Thursday, June 7, 2012

WARNING: If you don't give a rats ass about photo gear, move on. Nothing to see here.

I may have mentioned how I like to shoot photos. But did I ever mention about how I am somewhat of a gear junkie?
I try to make educated buying decisions, do I really need this, will it help me improve my photos, will Mrs. Barn beat all the snot outa me if I buy it? These are the questions I ask myself first.
It's impossible for me to keep up with the latest/greatest, and I certainly could not afford it, so I get what I can. I only get to shop one time per year so that gives me plenty of time to make decisions. have I made bad ones? Oh hell yea, a few. But not this time.

 First up is a new lens. A 35mm 1.8 Nikkor.

 Now this has to be THE best bang-for-the-buck buy I have ever made. It is light, sharp as all shit, silent motor, 1.8 so it's great at Bokeh and in the dark, comes with a hood, pouch, ass-gasket AND all this for $199.00.
 Being my camera's both use crop sensors, the lens equals out to 52.5mm which makes it what most would call a 'normal' lens. I love it already and I can see us fighting over it some day.

 The next bargain I found were these flash triggers.

 The Cadillac of triggers are the PocketWizards, and they clock in at near 150.00 each! Or more, (I can't stand to look.)
I got two sets of these Chinese triggers for $33.00 per set. That is why they are commonly referred to as 'PovertyWizards'. They replace the sync cords I ave used for years. No more tangled up cords being tripped over. Plus they work on radio waves so line-of-sight is not an issue. They can work around corners and walls.
I still have to test the distance but I am sure they will work waaaaaaaaaaay beyond anything I will be shooting.
Plus,, they can also be used as a remote trigger to trip the camera shutter. Beat that!
They have metal shoes and use AAA battery's so all is well there. And when you see their comments on the back, it inspires even more confidence! All in Yongnuo.

This little beauty was also a nice find. A discontinued model on sale for 1/2 price!
A Manfrotto 'midi' ballhead.
I have been using a joystick ballhead since about '96, but I never was too thrilled with it.

 Just how the fuck do you get thrilled over a ballhead, you ask? Well this one is smooth as a baby's ass, but tight as a nun's schnauzer when you want it to be, that's how.

Honestly, as far as drinking is concerned: There can never be enough cleavage.


RPM said...

Nice find in the discount bin!!!

Allan Baxter said...

Where do you shop?

Barnacle said...

i got the lens from B&H,, the triggers from amazon, the ballhead from denver pro photo.