Sunday, June 3, 2012

You gonna eat that?

So, here I am in Denver.
What do you do whilst in Denver you ask, well for one thing i eat like a pig!
Oh and drink lotsa beer.
I am always overwhelmed by the beer choices they have up there, so to keep my mind focused on the important stuff and not on what broccoli/peanutbutter ale is best, I just reach in and pull out a 12'er of Coors. Seems to work, and it's cheap.
This trip was a bit different for me food wise. I usually get in a few of my fav restaurants, but this time I only ate out once. The rest of the meals were me cooking for me and mom.
Which allows for PLENTY of time at my favorite place, the grocery store.
One night mom got all slobbery about wanting a steak, hadn't had a good steak in a long time. I thought, gee, me neither.
 Problem #1, mom has no BBQ grill. But I remember seeing these one-time use disposable grills at the grocery store so I go up and get one, along with a couple sirloin steaks.
Problem solved.
Baked a couple taters, steamed some broccoli and BOOM,, nice dinner.

This sign was right next door to the hair place I took her for a new 'doo'.

 My friend Jim's custom bike,

 My friend Rocky J. Squirrel.

So the trip was good. Mom is doing OK, lonely but OK.
I didn't get to see all the friends I want to see, but that would take weeks anyway.
There is always next year,,,,,

I know a guy who's birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory. 

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