Thursday, June 7, 2012

Neighbourhood watch in action!

Remember a couple posts back where I mentioned a new cop shop?
Well it is coming along very nicely. I am told lots of police have stopped in as they pass by and allot comment how they hope they get transferred here! Hope it is not going to be too cushy.

While in Denver I was chatting with Mrs. Barn on the phone when she says,'hold on, wait a sec...'.
In the background I could hear our GardNet radio going off, something was amiss in the Breach!
As we both listened we hear that there was a bold daylight break-in going on right now.
The burgler was seen jumping from the deck carrying a laptop and some other shit.
The call went out on the radio and the neighbourhood watch group went into action.
It gets a bit fuzzy now how the capture went down as I hear a couple descriptions but,, 2 'alleged perpetrators' were caught and held for police.  And then under 'pressure' they gave up the third perp who was arrested later that same day.
2 are now out on bail, as they never entered the house, and the third will be held till his court day.
So, our little citizen group that is in place here in da Breach and in some north areas really does work!
The radios have worked well in the past for a couple fires and then the Mango's incident, now we can add this one to the list of success's.
Let's just hope the bad guys get more than a finger wagging and are then set back out to resume their shit.


RPM said...

Well played.

Anonymous said...

A great job by all.