Monday, May 7, 2012

We could use a little rain,,,

Whoh boy. It’s hot! Been in the 90’s alott lately.
 So what do I do today? Fire up the stove for a 3 hour bean cook.
Like I just told Mrs. Barn, I can’t just wait till winter.
I believe I mentioned awhile back how I ab-so-fuckin-lutly love Campbells bean and bacon soup, well I got my mitts on some white navy beans and away I go. If all goes according to plan I’ll be blogging good shit about this soup next blog.

 Took the community lawn mower out of service for a few days to do some maintenance. When we received it I was told the thing just had a going over and was ready, including sharp blades.
Well, I took the blades off (required a lot of hammer use and WD40) and what I found shocked me.
 The cutting edge of these blades was about as sharp as the edge of my pinky finger! Maybe a little less.
I shit you not. As round as they could possibly be, don’t think they had ever seen a grinder or file! Like cutting grass with a piece of pipe!
But after about 15 minutes at the bench grinder, they now will become dangerous. Should make all the difference in the world!
We got a new guy running the mower. Short fella, barely sees over the dashboard! But he is getting it done. And you have to admit, Mental Breach does look good!

 Remember the pie I have been chewing on/giving away? Well it is now history. There is one piece left I will get after one of these nights but that’s it. And boy was it good! Made a lot of folks smile too!
Thanks again Glen and Lisa!!

 As the season winds down to an end, one way we can gauge how good it was is by the amount of water we went thru. Our house always uses more water as we are doing the laundry for 2 rentals and us. But the rentals never run out, low maybe but not out.
Well, today I had to fill one house from our meter, you know the pipe water we have. It does not happen often but this has been a very good business year and I don’t expect rain any time soon. Glad the season is calming down,, we are both tired.


  I'm in no condition to drive. Wait a minute, I don't have to listen to myself, I'm drunk.

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