Friday, May 4, 2012

One is slippery, slimy and smells a bit like low tide. The other is great!

Sitting here at ‘Chez Barnacle this morning when a friend stops by. “Hey Barnacle, there’s some shit you may want to see just up the road.” To me that translates into ‘Kodak Moment’. So I grab a camera and head out to see WTF. And what we saw was a group of what looked like 4-5 manatee’s enthralled in one massive, sweaty, smelly sex orgy! In the murky lagoon water it was hard to tell exactly who was doin who, with what, or how. But you can let your imagination run wild here.

 And just a couple days earlier, sitting here at ‘Chez Barnacles, minding my own gotdam business, when our guests stop by. Glen and Lisa from BC had just returned from lunch at the MB Bistro. I had asked them to check and see if Peanut Brittle Ice Cream Pie was on the menu (I would go grab me a slice later), when Lisa handed me AN ENTIRE PIE!! They were kind enough to buy me the whole dam thing!
In case you don’t know, it is some of the best stuff they crank out at the Bistro, Really REALLY good. I cannot imagine eating the whole thing (and Mrs. Barn says it is in the way of her rum bottle access in the freezer) so I have been gleefully giving away slabs to all my friends.

I never make the same mistake twice. I make it 5-6 times just to be sure.

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RPM said...

Just needs some 70's Bow chicka wow wow music.